(Back to) My “Real” Home

(Back to) My “Real” Home

My “real” internet home has been restored. Well, actually, it’s on new hardware and being hosted from a new location, but the content is mine and I’m now able to add to it. 

Please visit me at

Thank you!


I’m Back!!!!

Yes, that’s correct! I’m back.

I had been gone a long while and then just when I was making a come-back for the start of the year, I began to have, um, server “difficulties.” Now, with a new web service and new server, I’m happy to be back!

What has been going on? A lot. Especially since it has been so long. I may (or may not) put up the posts I had written but was unable to posts (due to the aforementioned server issues).

In the mean time, basketball had ended for the little one and softball games have already begun. She had been attending skills workshops since January and is working on her pitching. She dropped it for a while when she started becoming frustrated, but has since realized that she loves it and misses pitching. So, she’s working on it and is beginning to see a pitching coach.

Spring break is upon us, at least for one – the other just returned to school from her spring break. I really miss when their vacation schedules were aligned. Spring break also begins the rapid acceleration of the end of this school year. So many things that will be happening and will need to be done before the year closes, it kind of makes my head swim.

Until next time…